About Traidmission

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Traidmission has been established to meet the changing needs of those seeking to help others by adding the combined experience and expertise gained from many years in business, mission and aid development to your projects.


Our Directors have 25 years mission experience covering every aspect from hands on field work to staff selection, venture establishment and governance. Add to this 30 plus years of business development mainly involving third world countries and you have an experience package worth adding to your organisation. They have identified a need for consultancy services in these areas and have formulated a policy to make these services available to a limited number of suitable partners with ethical aims. This limitation is only based on the fact that you will be dealing with the Directors and not third party advisors.

Our team covers all aspects of program development who can generate suitable material and on the commercial side actively helping those who wish to develop markets for goods made in some of the poorest regions in theWorld.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Eric Holmes – Director. With 30 plus years experience in the development of business with an international base, many spent actively mentoring individuals and organisations in a variety of locations. Eric has a lifetime of experience and is able to bring that to bear on the many and diverse problems facing start up ventures and projects as well as those faced somewhat further down the track. He has senior management experience in a variety of cultural environments and scales of operation from complete start up to multi divisional companies with majority supplier status. Yet delivers his advice at a speed that ensures it can be absorbed by less experienced staff and is always prepared to roll his sleeves up when required. He has actively been involved in the development of training programs for small business and resource material that encourages ethics and quality in all aspects of business. Contact: eric@traidmission.com




Rob Kilpatrick – Director. A career educator and senior executive with hands on experience in establishing business based ventures for the benefit of the social advancement in a number of SE Asian countries. Several of those business ventures are now at the forefront of their sector, they are self sustaining and market goods and services internationally with excellent reputations for their level of quality and service. He has been responsible for setting up or supporting key initiatives in PNG, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, China and Thailand and has traveled extensively and overseen projects in all those countries. Rob brings to any situation an understanding of the needs and trials of developing and implementing effective fundraising programs.  He is very highly regarded by those who have had the opportunity of working with him for his broad experience base and high energy approach to the task at hand. Contact: rob@traidmission.com


If you are interested in a fresh and proven approach to your fund raising and other programs or feel that you could benefit from the experience we are able to offer to your organisation, please do contact us.  

We look forward to hearing from you and would love to help you,  help others.

Currently we are working with groups that are actively helping others in Western and Eastern Europe, India, South East Asia, China and Africa.