Traidmission Resources



Needs are changing, everyone is looking for a fresh idea or how to breathe life into existing programs or simply move beyond analysis paralysis!


We are available to help raise awareness and interest in missions and their people, ordinary people want to do extraordinary things to help those in the front lines!


Business as mission and aid microfinance ventures are being given hands on development assistance to gain access to markets and help them become sustainable.


We need to have your cooperation, talk through your needs, wants and desires of your particular situation, that cooperation is vital to us as an ingredient in helping you achieve your goals.


Our aim is to complement your existing staff and programs not compete with them.


We acknowledge that many agencies have their own staff, yet we have identified a need for consultancy services in these areas and have formulated a policy to make these services available to suitable partners with ethical aims.


Thank you for your time in coming this far, please do make contact on the contact page and let us get to know each other!